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A must for couples in a rut! Condom maniacs recommend 5 condoms for maximum stimulation.

When you first started dating, you were always looking for excitement, but before you knew it, you were stuck in a rut.Everyone has felt it at one time or another, the rut in a couple's relationship is hard because you love your partner. But that doesn't mean that sexual intercourse is something that you should force yourself to do or try hard to do, right? I have been using various types of condoms for many years, and I dare say so.

If you've ever wondered, even just a little bit, "Are we really doing this?"
If you are thinking, "Are we in a rut?"

If you think so, please try using a condom with warts just once. I am a condom fanatic who has used a variety of condoms, and I have selected 10 condoms with warts that provide maximum stimulation for couples who have become accustomed to stimulation!

Hot tubed condoms that can get you out of a rut after 3 uses.


This is a warm condom with hot. I actually used it and asked the women what they thought of it, and they said it was peppery hot.
The interesting thing about these condoms is that the male user can also feel warm. Both the woman and the man will definitely be able to get out of a rut after three uses with the stimulation of the hot!
The tip is realistically shaped, so the male will feel more comfortable.


Special jelly , 360° spiral convex condom with warts

The condom has a special jelly applied to the inside (male side) to make it stick internally. This means that there are effects on the male side as well as the female.
Since the jelly is applied to make it dull, as the name suggests, you can aim for long play, making this condom perfect for getting out of a rut. The amount of this jelly is large, and it also has a supportive effect on men who are not used to wearing them.
By the way, as a condom fanatic, I think it is more suitable for light users than the hot type.


Fearless black color increases visual stimulation

This is the level that I would immediately tell any man with premature ejaculation who wants long play due to its extreme thickness.
Also, the shiny black appearance might give you more confidence. The size is a little bit just right, so it is recommended for those who are worried about pulling out.
The female side is made to be intensely stimulating, so why not use it as a step up in communication for women who like strong condoms?
By the way, the amount of lotion is small. If you are assuming long play, you may want to use a separate lotion.


A super cool menthol sensation! Triple shock condoms for a world of ice

There are many menthol-based condoms available, but this menthol works all the way to the end of the sexual act. The sensation in the sensitive area will be like a snowstorm, a world of ice.
This is a product that I would recommend to couples who are in a rut or older couples who want a cold sensation plus the stimulation of ice and rings on top of that.
I chill these condoms in the refrigerator and put them on just before the act. You will feel as if you are back in the Ice Age.
If you are a beginner, you may not like condoms with menthol, so be careful with condoms for beginners.
If you have an overly sensitive sensitive area, be careful.

Cherry scented warty condoms for oral sex

When you have oral sex and the condom smells like rubber, you may want to turn your face away.If that's the case, try using this condom.
You'll be reminded of your childhood summer vacation when you put your face close to the condom and the scent of cherry wafts through the air. The condoms do not smell like rubber, and have a neck to prevent them from falling off, so safety is guaranteed.
I would recommend these condoms to people who want the cherry smell of condoms.

Do you know any more good condoms? Please recommend!










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